To start the Soccer Mindset Challenge program, you need to have a Soccer Mindset Challenge Membership.

If you are not registered yet. Go to this website to purchase the Soccer Mindset Challenge

Once you have the Soccer Mindset Challenge Membership. Then you can now start on using the program.

To get started, you can login via app or on the website.

  • Login to your account using the email address and password you set on your registration.

  • Once you are logged in. You can see the Dashboard page with Today's Workout available.

  • Soccer Mindset Challenge is composed of 10 days workouts and a task on each workout.

  • Complete the task on that workout so you can move on to another workout scheduled for the next day

  • Each workout has a time interval of 24 hours before it becomes available. So if you have completed the workout at 9AM then the next workout will be available at that same time on the next day.

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